Monday, December 12, 2011

back! :)

OMG I'm back to revive my dead blog!
well I'm now a bcom accountancy student at Monash Sunway and I'm on summer break for 3 months!!
this is what I've been up to so far ;p

1) did an event job for yuber at hartamas shopping centre right after my exams. it was a kids entrepreneur contest and the winner got a trip to phuket/bali!
i was a Lil late to arrive on day 1 thanks to some miscommunication ;(
no idea why i always have a prob when I'm working for them...
was his baby sitter during most of day 1 (cute rite! :p )
helped him destroy 5 pairs of shoes and a cap

ps: his fav colour is blue maybe that's why his name is sky :)

day 2 was a blast as well cause the kids and the aunties were super friendly
except for one uncle with an attitude prob who started scolding people for no reason :(
first job where i witnessed 3 people getting fired after one day because they didn't have the right energy :s
also ended up spending rm70 cause the kids were begging me to help buy their stuff LOL

2) then on the 11th of nov i went for a Management camp at belum rain forest resort with my bcom classmates (darren, amirah and adeline) and seniors
 the hotel is super duper nice!!!!!!!!!!! i was totally expecting some small random kampung house in the middle of no where but instead its a 4 star hotel in the middle of no where ;p (rm200 SUPER WORTH IT)
since we had 3 people in a room i slept by the window
oh yea and you can access the toilet through the wardrobe ;p

1st day we had to do a management assignment :(
i know right.. homework during the hols..
then at night everyone went to the bar and we played truth or dare (actually just dare)
got orange juice and it was rm7!!! luckily darren belanja-ed us ;p hehe

 2nd day!
the coolest thing about the trip was the jungle trekking cause we had to take a speed boat to different islands in the lake to see stuff.
i didn't bring my cam down so no pics :(
1st island was the rafflesia island but they weren't blooming so the buds looked like alien pods ;p
2nd island was the salt lick and the whole trail was covered in elephant shit ( there were 8tv ppl filming that day so they scared away the elephants..)
3rd island was the orang asli island and i bought a woven bracelet LOL i still can shop in the middle of a jungle ;p
4th island was the waterfall island and we had a picnic lunch there as well. almost all the guys went into the water and all of them took off their shirts lol (why???) one of the guys had a leech on his arm pit and i thought he was showing off his arm pit hair!!LOLOL had nightmares after that ;p

so happy i didn't get attacked by any leeches :D

then had to do another assignment at night :( but after that we played more games in the meeting room :)
omg played really childish games and i laughed till my tummy hurt

3) then helped mum with the KMBS children's camp that weekend

 the amount of cookies the kids made were 10x that amount
 my banana! ;p
alot more photos are in my other SD card but I'm lazy to get it..
really fun weekend where i had to run everywhere and got bullied by the kids ;p

4) topshop was having a warehouse sale at Fahrenheitt 88 so i had to go~!!
in the end it was super crowded, noisy, dusty and i seriously couldn't breath..
haha was hoping to find the nice varsity jacket that i really really wanted to buy last time but they didn't hv it :(
all diva accessories were rm10 only! and i got the skirt for rm35 :)
everything else was too expensive even after the discounts..
had dinner at Morganfields in pavilion *must eat!*
one of my fav places to eat BBQ ribs :D

5) on the 2nd and 3rd of dec had another job at furama hotel
was helping yeoh and kimberly from toastmasters facilitate a medical seminar
seriously one of the best jobs ever because i could sit down! ;p
and was able to eat buffet tea time, lunch and snacks
LOL had to run an errand at the photostat shop nearby but somehow got lost till times square ;p

6) rejoined the gym and got my butt kicked..
lol abs class is seriously killing me but I'm determined to get myself some abs!
zumba on Sundays is super fun cz i get to laugh at mum trying to do a body wave ;p

7) oh yea! finally got my self a new hp! was gonna buy the samsung s2 but somehow i ended up buying the htc rhyme ;p
the moment when i paid for the hp i got an sms from aarti saying that the results are out
LOL my hands were seriously shaking and my whole body was cold till the sales guy had to ask if i was ok ;p
thank god i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha cried so much cz i thought i was gonna fail for sure but in the end i did much better than expected ;p
so my goal for next yr is to either maintain or improve my CGPA

8) went to melaka to do prayers for grandpa (fell sick so i kept blowing my nose during the whole thing which was so memalukan)
heard the most EPIC story from my aunty (lol that story can be made into a movie d)

9) reconstructing my clothes. so far I've turned a pair of jeans into shorts and managed to fix 2 handbags and 6 clothes all by hand sewing.. wish i had a sewing machine.. den i could make pretty clothes!

10) cleaned room LOL and it wasn't easy at all.. ;p

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