Monday, December 12, 2011

back! :)

OMG I'm back to revive my dead blog!
well I'm now a bcom accountancy student at Monash Sunway and I'm on summer break for 3 months!!
this is what I've been up to so far ;p

1) did an event job for yuber at hartamas shopping centre right after my exams. it was a kids entrepreneur contest and the winner got a trip to phuket/bali!
i was a Lil late to arrive on day 1 thanks to some miscommunication ;(
no idea why i always have a prob when I'm working for them...
was his baby sitter during most of day 1 (cute rite! :p )
helped him destroy 5 pairs of shoes and a cap

ps: his fav colour is blue maybe that's why his name is sky :)

day 2 was a blast as well cause the kids and the aunties were super friendly
except for one uncle with an attitude prob who started scolding people for no reason :(
first job where i witnessed 3 people getting fired after one day because they didn't have the right energy :s
also ended up spending rm70 cause the kids were begging me to help buy their stuff LOL

2) then on the 11th of nov i went for a Management camp at belum rain forest resort with my bcom classmates (darren, amirah and adeline) and seniors
 the hotel is super duper nice!!!!!!!!!!! i was totally expecting some small random kampung house in the middle of no where but instead its a 4 star hotel in the middle of no where ;p (rm200 SUPER WORTH IT)
since we had 3 people in a room i slept by the window
oh yea and you can access the toilet through the wardrobe ;p

1st day we had to do a management assignment :(
i know right.. homework during the hols..
then at night everyone went to the bar and we played truth or dare (actually just dare)
got orange juice and it was rm7!!! luckily darren belanja-ed us ;p hehe

 2nd day!
the coolest thing about the trip was the jungle trekking cause we had to take a speed boat to different islands in the lake to see stuff.
i didn't bring my cam down so no pics :(
1st island was the rafflesia island but they weren't blooming so the buds looked like alien pods ;p
2nd island was the salt lick and the whole trail was covered in elephant shit ( there were 8tv ppl filming that day so they scared away the elephants..)
3rd island was the orang asli island and i bought a woven bracelet LOL i still can shop in the middle of a jungle ;p
4th island was the waterfall island and we had a picnic lunch there as well. almost all the guys went into the water and all of them took off their shirts lol (why???) one of the guys had a leech on his arm pit and i thought he was showing off his arm pit hair!!LOLOL had nightmares after that ;p

so happy i didn't get attacked by any leeches :D

then had to do another assignment at night :( but after that we played more games in the meeting room :)
omg played really childish games and i laughed till my tummy hurt

3) then helped mum with the KMBS children's camp that weekend

 the amount of cookies the kids made were 10x that amount
 my banana! ;p
alot more photos are in my other SD card but I'm lazy to get it..
really fun weekend where i had to run everywhere and got bullied by the kids ;p

4) topshop was having a warehouse sale at Fahrenheitt 88 so i had to go~!!
in the end it was super crowded, noisy, dusty and i seriously couldn't breath..
haha was hoping to find the nice varsity jacket that i really really wanted to buy last time but they didn't hv it :(
all diva accessories were rm10 only! and i got the skirt for rm35 :)
everything else was too expensive even after the discounts..
had dinner at Morganfields in pavilion *must eat!*
one of my fav places to eat BBQ ribs :D

5) on the 2nd and 3rd of dec had another job at furama hotel
was helping yeoh and kimberly from toastmasters facilitate a medical seminar
seriously one of the best jobs ever because i could sit down! ;p
and was able to eat buffet tea time, lunch and snacks
LOL had to run an errand at the photostat shop nearby but somehow got lost till times square ;p

6) rejoined the gym and got my butt kicked..
lol abs class is seriously killing me but I'm determined to get myself some abs!
zumba on Sundays is super fun cz i get to laugh at mum trying to do a body wave ;p

7) oh yea! finally got my self a new hp! was gonna buy the samsung s2 but somehow i ended up buying the htc rhyme ;p
the moment when i paid for the hp i got an sms from aarti saying that the results are out
LOL my hands were seriously shaking and my whole body was cold till the sales guy had to ask if i was ok ;p
thank god i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha cried so much cz i thought i was gonna fail for sure but in the end i did much better than expected ;p
so my goal for next yr is to either maintain or improve my CGPA

8) went to melaka to do prayers for grandpa (fell sick so i kept blowing my nose during the whole thing which was so memalukan)
heard the most EPIC story from my aunty (lol that story can be made into a movie d)

9) reconstructing my clothes. so far I've turned a pair of jeans into shorts and managed to fix 2 handbags and 6 clothes all by hand sewing.. wish i had a sewing machine.. den i could make pretty clothes!

10) cleaned room LOL and it wasn't easy at all.. ;p

Friday, August 5, 2011

falling slowly

I don't know you

But I want you

All the more for that

Words fall through me

And always fool me

And I can't react

And games that never amount

To more than they're meant

Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We've still got time

Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice

You'll make it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me

And I can't go back

Moods that take me and erase me

And I'm painted black

You have suffered enough

And warred with yourself

It's time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We've still got time

Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice

You've made it now

Falling slowly sing your melody

I'll sing it loud

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


been a lousy year..
n somehow it just keeps getting worse..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

valentine's dayyyyy...what??

lol i know its been forever since ive updated
sorry sorry sorry!
um itll be fun to see how many things ive managed to complete from the list of stuff to do that i made

1) go to sunway lagoon!wee! (FAILED lol anyone wants to go? =p)
2) go to genting! double wee! (PASSED! blue intake trip!)
3) go to melaka! triple wee! (PASSED haha random weekend trip with family)
4) go to vietnam! quad wee! (PASSED! really enjoyed the trip n aunty chun ling's dancing =p)
5) ice skating! miss it so much ( PASSED! WEE! AGAIN AGAIN!)
6) shop shop shop till i drop :p (hmm..not sure if this is a pass or progress? =p)
7) finally get some proper sleep (BIG FAT FAIL)
8) eat something else besides mixed rice and chicken rice (PASSED)
9) make sure evry lil orphan/under privileged child in malaysia has a present for christmas (impossible bt im trying) (err.. 1% PASSED?)
10) start dancing again (lol its gonna hurt) (PASSED n yes it hurts.. =(
11) haha touch the piano again :p (PASSED lol piano duty for cny =p)
12) get a job (suggestions?) (PASSED lol come visit me! at bonia sunway wed n fri)
13) start studying my chem (FAILED realised i dun need to )
14) help out with holiday camps (PASSED it was fun =D )
15) lol start learning how to cook edible food (hehe PASSED! daddy thought the food i cooked was made by mum..hv to cook evryday..kesian.. lol can be a housewife d )
16) gym! (FAILED no money =(
17) lol learn hw to drive again b4 i kill myself n my poor passengers (HALF? LOL still freaking out other cars on the road =p )
18) sign up for a cool class or course ( STA? not exactly cool but its ok =)
19) hehe play with the wii :p ( lol sometimes)
20) spend more time with friends and family (PASSED)
21) go watch a movie (PASSED lol fockers! wanna watch black swan..)
22) enter a competition (PASSED but failed if it makes sense =p)

k a quick update bout what has happened this month  (might be totally random n not in any order =p)
ive started work at bonia =)
its been really interesting and hazardous at the same time =p
gotten multiple blisters from my heels n cleaning the shelves.. ( lol nvr knew that could happened)
n got attacked by the steamer today..ouch =(

just went for an interview yesterday at tgif n er.. it was ok i guess
had to wait for about 1 hr and 45 mins
luckily a kind girl gave me a glass of coke to drink
the host was really nice =)
n d bartender was flirting??
there's someone there with the same name as me =) haha kept looking around evrytime i heard my name =p

oh yea! lol noticed after so many interviews the 1st question ppl will ask is
r u a chinese? cz u dun look like one..
ur eyes r so big...
lol im 100% chinese! n mayb 90% banana? =p
but im improving meeting customers has really helped my chinese =)

n i might start work at my mum's friend's music school in march
so half n hour of piano lessons is equivalent to 4 hours of standing up at bonia =p
y am i working so much? i honestly dunno..
haha but im enjoying the learning experience =)

k moving on..
bout studies
my SAT results just came out n im pretty happy!
haha not bad for 1 day of studying =p
um still hvnt decided where im goin to study
at 1st wanted to go to taylors den found out monash had a higher ranking and higher requirements
den monash totally ruined my plans =(
supposed to go for accounting there but last minute they called n said i cant cz i didnt take further maths as a subject..
who in the world takes further maths to do accounting???

anyway the latest plan is to start ACCA at sunway in april
if i manage to get a spot in singapore for teaching then ill be going there if not ill just continue in sunway
really dunno if ill make it cz they only take 200 ppl in total a yr....n all of my bro's friends who went for the interview b4 failed..
but i might consider doin nursing or social work in singapore.. =p
i think ive come to realise i want to have a job that enables me to help ppl in some way but i still hvnt found my "calling" yet

k bout ballet!
bad news.. i hv to see a chiro pretty often cz my bones are out of alignment..
n there are only 3 ppl left in class.. hope i wont be the only one left..
bt i wont give up!
planning to take up more dance lessons..
either modern ballroom or hip hop but i want ppl to teman =p (p.s. let me know if ur interested)

cny this yr was pretty quiet as my mum's sis and bro werent home so it was just my family n one cousin with my grand parents
lol but we still played fireworks =p
had lots n lots of yee sang! i love yee sang!
went to my mum's friends house n it was cool! lol the lion dance was 1 hr and bout 15 mins of fireworks directly above us =)

vday n my non existant love life
lol it was the most normal day ever..
cooked dinner and went for class..
since i dated after vday n broke up b4 vday
i hv nvr really gotten a chance to celebrate vday..
but its ok.. lol life goes on =)
im sure when i hv the chance to celebrate it in the future itll be worth the wait
lol my STA teacher said guys can nvr win on vday
if they buy roses the girl would say y waste money or its so common!
lol if dun buy oso kena =p

dats it for now =)
haha so much for my short post =p
will try to update more often!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

been living in a perfect nightmare

but woke up n screamed no way

Friday, December 24, 2010

my children!

cute rite? :P

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

this idea came to me after organising a charity bazaar.

i had to search for sponsors and people who were kind enough to allow me to sell their items on a consignment basis.
after managing to get some sponsors , i had to arrange a time to meet up with them and since i have never met them before it was quite difficult to locate them in crowded shopping complexes and to count the number of items that they have passed to me.

ive thought of 2 applications which would be perfect for the iPad.
firstly an application that allows you to locate someone easily.
it should work something like a gps system..
just type in the person's handphone number and the application would direct u towards the correct person.
saves time and also avoids a few awkward moments when identifying people :p
also helps to track lost children too :)

the 2nd one would be an application to stock take items and put them in a inventory.
just scan the iPad over the items and the application will let u know what and how many items are in the bag.
another extra advantage would be to scan over an item an it shows how much it is and its prices in other shops.
super useful for business people and savy house wives.
just click on this link: more info cz iPads are now available through Maxis! wee!

Maxis contest participant badge

Monday, December 13, 2010


pls dont ask..

i dont really wanna talk about it..

just teddy and i once again

Sunday, November 21, 2010

heartless ppl

im so upset with private doctors and hospitals!
my grandpa was v sick yesterday
yea he has cancer but it gt worse cz there was blood in his urine
almost a bag of blood!
my uncle in seremban called columbia asia which is the hospital he normally goes to..
it was 12.30 and the doctor got off from work at 12 and he said he didnt wanna see my grandpa and asked my uncle to find someone else to help cz he wanted to go to KL
then he called kpj hospital which refused to take him cz my grandpa is 82 yrs old
my uncle said pls just take a look at him but they said no
then he called cmh hospital which also turned their backs on my grandpa
my uncle called st johns ambulance to send him to the general hospital but they also said no!!
there are only 4 hospitals in seremban but
all of them were so afraid my grandpa would die so they didnt wanna take him
my uncle pleaded with them n even offered to pay alot of money but they said no
he called so many times but no one wanted to help
they just kept trying to push the responsibility to someone else
but dont they realise by NOT helping my poor grandpa WILL die??
i seriously felt like screaming or saying a bad word
like whats wrong with u people??? so what if he is 82 so what if he bleeding? dont u wanna at least try help??
my uncle is willing to pay alot of money just take a look at him!
u ppl rather enjoy urself in KL or rather escape responsibility than to help a dying person?
i thought the reason ppl became doctors or entered the medical field was to help sick people?
i was so angry and upset that i was crying
it was my grandma's bday some more....poor grandma was scared..

then luckily my uncle knows someone who is a highly ranked official in the seremban general hospital
immediately they sent an ambulance and got someone to look at him
they said it was his tumour releasing blood
um k the hospital was kinda scary..
it was where my other grandpa who i nvr got to meet passed away..
miss u grandpa..
n my dad said it was much scarier then :0
exactly like a refugee camp with an open ward
my grandpa's bed was broken and it was really hot n the curtains had blood stains
apparently last night there was only 1 nurse 1 med officer and 1 staff to take care of about 60 ppl
n one aunty had to help the nurse to actually pump oxygen into one of the patients
then one other guy was admitted last night cz of an accident n he's in a coma :(
luckily that aunty saw that his heartbeat was slowing down if not he wouldve died
my grandpa is lucky in a way cz since my uncle's fren is quite powerful he managed to get a blood transfusion quickly so now he's stable :)
it really showed that who u know matters alot in life..

so grandma had a nice bday and she said my homemade cookies were nice! ;D
luckily my grandpa is a tough cookie!

sorry about this post..haha still am a lil emotional

Sunday, October 31, 2010


lol of things i wanna do once im free from this hell hole
:P might add more once i think of something

1) go to sunway lagoon!wee!
2) go to genting! double wee!
3) go to melaka! triple wee!
4) go to vietnam! quad wee!
haha k enough with the holidays :p
5) ice skating! miss it so much
6) shop shop shop till i drop :p
7) finally get some proper sleep
8) eat something else besides mixed rice and chicken rice
9) make sure evry lil orphan/under privileged child in malaysia has a present for christmas (impossible bt im trying)
10) start dancing again (lol its gonna hurt)
11) haha touch the piano again :p
12) get a job (suggestions?)
13) start studying my chem :(
14) help out with holiday camps
15) lol start learning how to cook edible food
16) gym!
17) lol learn hw to drive again b4 i kill myself n my poor passengers
18) sign up for a cool class or course
19) hehe play with the wii :p
20) spend more time with friends and family
21) go watch a movie
22) enter a competition

Thursday, October 21, 2010

sick again :(

lol i always seem to be the one with all the weird health probs
this time is a super bad throat infection and migraine:(
haha disgusting mushrooms growing out of my throat isnt bad enough half of my head has been permanently numb for the past 2 days
haha i swear i saw 2 doctors and both of them gt shocked when they saw my throat..was kinda funny in a weird way
lol long story short..throat swollen so made lymph nodes swollen so pressed on my nerves and walla!! numb :p evrytime i press the node my head gets electrocuted
best part is hving exams now :(
felt i did terrible for my maths papers...could even open my eyes properly to focus
doctor said wanted to gimme 3 injections!!!!lol i was like no way!
so he said after days if its not recovered i hv to jab :( sobs..
lucky i saw him early if not operate..
and no talking for 4 days!!torture :(

been eating porridge for more than a week..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

its the little things in life that make me truly happy

cz those are the things that i notice the most

Saturday, October 2, 2010

when a heart breaks

no it dont break even

Thursday, September 16, 2010


is freaking out!
had to change my blog background again
lol dunno y my background pictures always get deleted :(
I'm happy with the new one even though its kinda simple :)
it has pointe shoes!!!haha was so happy when i saw that pic
i know i know its been along time since I've blogged.. *runs from bricks*
got alot going on lately..exams..Christmas charity bazaar..interview tomorrow..
but i just gotta keep fighting!
i will be officially free after the 19th of December :D

ps.hehe oh yea pls check out
i happened to stumble across her website yesterday and i fell in love
especially the ring with a <3

its maybe a little pricey but i think its worth it
cz its all handmade items
but u get like 10% off if u use the discount code:CUTE
haha you can tell how much i like her stuff by the ads on my blog :p
so just check her site out 
i seriously miss blogging...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

my heart is breaking

thank u for being alive
pls dun go
i cant lose another grandparent
i just cant

Thursday, July 8, 2010


im so happy right now i just had to blog about this 1st before i talk bout my holiday =p
i passed my freaking grd 8 ballet exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol sat for it on my birthday n results came out last month..
haha so dats how long i hvnt been goin to class
thanks to my stupid eye..

finally went today to class n it seriously felt like hell
bt i feel so much more satisfied now after dancing
reminded me y i love dance so much

at some point i was seriously considering not goin back
bt now i do realise that i will keep dancing as long as possible
teacher didnt say anything during the whole class
so i thought it was bad news..
cz grd 8 is slighty diff than other grds..
der are 4 sections n if u fail one section u fail the whole exam =(

haha den after class she said
jean..u know the results are out right?
den i said did i do?
lol!den my teacher asked me to go outside n look at the notice board!
i didnt know they posted the results for everyone to see!!!
hahahahaha i almost cried...distinction ah!!!

then went to get new specs..
lol another good news!my power fell by 50!
bt the lady said it would be safer if i only start wearing contacts after 6 months..
so gotta wait..

finally something good after a long period of bad news...

um will blog bout my holiday soon once i transfer the pics ;)
ill be back! 

Saturday, June 19, 2010



haha i really need to sell 10 tickets
if not i think im screwed.... :(
i would seriously love you forever if u buy a ticket :D
u dont hv to be a leo member to come
evryone is invited
if ur interested in coming pls pls let me know
thank you so much :)

PS: if 150 ppl turn up for the event the organising chairperson has pledged to get his legs waxed on stage :p
PPS: PLS COME.........

Friday, June 18, 2010

i can see

seriously been neglecting this blog :p
im blind :(
well long story short..
i went to ipoh for the leo forum
took part in the leo idol competition where im supposed to play a blind girl
and after the competition my eye started to get really itchy
so i saw a doctor in ipoh
he gave me some medication which i forgot to apply
n when i gt back from ipoh on sunday n applied the medicine
i was blind the next day...
lol apparently im allergic to the medicine :(
i think i spent 2 hours trying to pry my eyes open
bt they were like superglued together!

haha luckily ive stayed in my house for 18yrs so i actually managed to take a shower n get dressed n walk downstairs before calling my mum for help :p
den went to the doctor who immediatly told me to go to the hospital
doctor said it was a cornea ulcer so i had to stay in the hospital for 4 days
haha ignore the bear
i was lonely :p
the hospital bed was a good source of entertainment :p
had too much fun till the bed accidently pressed against the help button a few times

anyway im much better d
thanks everyone for the kind wishes n visits n gifts :)
really appreciate them alot
gotta go around being a nerd for 3 months :(
doctor actually gave me 2 weeks mc bt think im goin  back to college next week d..
bt definately gonna take better care of my eyes :)
more updates coming soon! :D

Monday, April 19, 2010


oh god...feel like ripping out my skin right now..
LOL woke up this morning feeling damn itchy..
den when i went downstairs n showed mum she was like better go n see a doctor..
in the car mum turned n looked at me n honestly

could actually see the rashes spreading!!!!!!!!
evry min it was like travelling evrywhere
haha seriously felt like crying..
den mum being paranoid thought i gt poisoned or something cz apparently it was traveling up my neck to my face but she didnt tell me..thank god she didnt if not i wouldve fainted d..

went to sunway hospital instead
LOL the doctor was seriously the coolest doctor ever
until the part where he said

sobs...the injection was painful
lol biggest needle eva!!
den felt like vomitting after that
but now i think im feeling better d

he said its caused by stress
LOL i seem to be hvin a lot of health probs relating to stress..
this sucks =(

Friday, April 16, 2010

will update soon =p

Monday, March 29, 2010

thank u =)